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In a world where visibility and power go hand in hand, having access to top-notch lighting, power and related equipment will make all the difference for any event or project. At Event Sparks Ltd, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient power solutions to make your event shine. Whether you are after small amounts of power for a small party or large amounts for big construction sites or festivals, we’ve got you covered and have years of experience powering both. In this blog, ‘Unveiling the Power of Event Sparks Ltd’, we’ll delve into our business and our diverse range of power and lighting products. 

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1) The Event Sparks Advantage –

1.1 Cutting Edge Lighting

Discover the brilliance of our cutting-edge lighting solutions. We have exemplary lighting to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. From elegant weddings to corporate events to vibrant colours and music festivals, we cover it all. Tower lights are one type of our lighting, perfect for illuminating big areas. For example, our VT1 Tower Light illuminates 4,200m2. Tower lights are ideal to illuminate building sites/roadworks or sports games. Nevertheless, these can be used for all types of needs due to their wide coverage.

Other products we offer are spotlights and floodlights. These are handy for outdoor use and lighting particular areas rather than a large space. Our LED floodlight is available in many different sizes, such as 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W and 100W. Furthermore, we also offer festoon lighting in lots of different lengths. Festoon is ideal for lighting round your wedding venue or festival campsite/walkways etc because of the appealing look of festoon as well as adding a warm feeling to the area. Lastly, to complete our lighting collection, we have a collection of RGB lights and searchlights. Searchlights are perfect for music concerts and stage lighting. We offer two different sizes of search light, 1kW and 3kW, the smaller being a single beam searchlight and the larger being a dual beam, both in white.   

1.2 Powerful Generators for Every Need 

Our range of generators caters to a spectrum of power requirements, from small-scale gatherings to large-scale construction projects and festivals. Experience the efficiency and reliability of our generators that empower your events and keep your projects running smoothly. Our smallest of generators is the Paramac 6kVA’s. These are ideal for events needing less power with only a few connections, such as small birthday parties. Our biggest generators are our MHM 160kVA’s which are really powerful gen’s with lots of sockets and additional features. Furthermore, We have lots of generators capable of powering different amounts in our sizes between these. Some of our most popular generators would be our MHM 30kVA and our Denyo 37kVA. These are often used to power weddings or other events in similar sizes. 

Tailored Solutions for Every Event –

2.1 Events and Celebrations 

Immerse your events in a captivating atmosphere with our versatile lighting options. Whether it’s illuminating your wedding site, using festoon lighting to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Or weather you need us to set the stage for a dynamic concert or music festival using our RGB lighting and searchlights. Our lighting provides a solution to any of your event needs and will leave a lasting impression. 

2.2 Construction Projects 

Efficiently power your construction sites with our reliable generators. We understand the unique challenges of construction projects, and our inventory of available products is suited to meet the demands of the dynamic environments. Additionally, the experience on our team has overcome such challenges many times throughout the years. Our range of tower lights is a suitable solutions for lighting these sites and comes in a range of sizes in order to cover all sites. 

2.3 Film Projects

Illuminate your film sets with our specialised lighting. Achieve the perfect lighting conditions to capture the stunning visuals needed with clarity and impact. Our lighting can be used efficiently and with great impact to create the perfect lighting scene. With our company, staff have had lots of previous experience within movie sets and performing arts, making these ‘just another day in the office’. In addition, our generators can also be big use in movie sets, with sizes covering all your needed demands.

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Why Choose Event Sparks Ltd? 

3.1 Extensive Equipment Selection

Our diverse inventory ensures that we have the right equipment for every need. Not only do we offer a range of generators and lighting, but we have all the needed accessories to make us a one-stop-shop. We offer fuel tanks, cabling, cable ramps, distribution boxes, heaters and more. This makes your event planning a breeze because you only need to communicate with one company to gather all your equipment. Our products are all top quality and are checked and tested regularly to ensure that they meet our high standards. This ensures that you are getting the best quality products as well as them being at competitive rates. 

3.2 Expertise and Professionalism 

Benefit from our team’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the power and lighting industry. Our team have been handling power and lighting for many years now and have lots of experience with all different types of events and situations. This means that, we can offer expert advice and guidance at all points of contact. We are committed to offering excellent customer service and this shows through our customer reviews. Furthermore, we offer support through email, phone and social media throughout our office hours (9 am – 5:30 pm mon – fri, 10 am – 5 pm Saturday). However, urgent matters can be managed outside of these hours. During hire, we offer top priority support and maintenance should anything go wrong, to ensure your event continues.


At Event Sparks Ltd, we don’t just provide lighting and power equipment – we illuminate success. Elevate your projects and events with our top-of-the-range solutions, backed by a team of experts dedicated to ensuring your success. In order to have the best lit event, trust us to light up your world and power your journey towards excellence. Contact us today and let us make your vision a radiant reality. 

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