A day on the river! A week in “Mini Somerset”, this is an area of Higginson Park that we call home for 7 days. There is a hotel (a tent), a restaurant (a tent with a BBQ, microwave & actifry) and a plaza (a mix of chairs in a circle). This is where the committee visit for the morning for breakfast and a brew and create days plan of who’s doing what. It’s hard to put an exact number of years Event Sparks have been here. However, it feels like a home away from home and the friendships have strengthened over the years. Layouts and features change yearly.

We supply the power for the festival keeping everything running throughout the event, with men on site in case of a problem. We also supply all the cabling and power distribution for the event and help to connect up the water supplies too! Who says electricity and water don’t mix? In addition to this we now supply sound for the festival. Not for the music speakers however for the commentary. We love working with Marlow and are happy to keep expanding everything we are providing. 

Being in the home town of Event Sparks, this event was well known years before we started in power. Fun fact, business director, Chives actually first worked on this event in 2003. Supplying Bridgwater Fair is early starts and late finishes. From placing the generators at the start of the week to handle until collection at the end of the week. The week starts at 4am on the Tuesday and then runs through until 3am Sunday morning. 

At Event Sparks, we have the responsibility to keep the lights on, the food cooking and the council happy. The best way for us to do this is by being there and getting to know each trader. This helps to build trust for us to check their electrics and for them to look after them; in turn making it better for us. Once installed, we are at hand to handle any fast response request. This event is organised by Sedgemoor District Council, who hold the relationship with us at Event Sparks Ltd. 

Bourne Free is a non-profit charity organisation that strive to make a difference within the LGBTQ+ community. The festival takes place over a weekend early in July in Bournemouth. The festival takes place as a chance for the Pride community and fellow acceptors to stand in unity and show that you accept equality for all. The festival includes, vibrant parades, music and a welcoming atmosphere. We are proud to be working with this festival and stand with them for the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. We provide the festival with the power and lighting for the weekend. This has included a 160kVA trailered generator, 100kVA silenced generator, 60kVA road tow generator, distribution boxes, lots of cable and lots of festoon lighting. There is so much we provide, the list will be going on all day. We love working with Bourne Free and are proud to be going back for 2024. 

Devon’s Truck Show takes place within May and the event includes 100’s of trucks on display, live music, fun fair and main arena. You can camp at the festival and it has lots to offer. The event is fairly local to us only being in Devon which makes us love working with it even more. The festival has a great atmosphere and caters for all ages and occasions. For Devon’s Truck Show we usually provide 2x 160kVA silenced generators, a 30kVA Road Tow generator, lots of cable and a 3000L additional fuel tank. We have supplied Devon’s Truck Show for multiple years and have enjoyed supplying them years after. 

In 2016 Chives Farrance, Director of Event Sparks Ltd was approached by Tom Newton. Teddy Rocks Festival was on the move from the Greyhound pub, to a new larger site. This was a huge step, with the addition of two stages with full production, bar and traders. This was the year when the core team started working with each other to expand the festival. Most to this day are still part of the Teddy Rocks team. In 2017 Teddy Rocks site moved again, this time to Charisworth Farm. This was kicked off with a weekend of sound tests and a lifelong partnership with Teddy Rocks. Event Sparks supplied a small road tow generator to check sound levels at nearby properties and find out if this is the awaited home for Teddy Rocks festival. We have provided the festival with up to about 5km of LED festoon lighting, synchronised generators, tower lights and about 6km of different sized extension leads

Glas-Denbury Festival

In the June of 2012 the heavens opened and a lush green field become a mud bath, this was the first year of Glas-Denbury.  Ever since then we have been involved. It began with just connecting a generator and supplying the power to the main stage. By the end of the first day we had taken over the traders power too. This meant that the “pop-pop” of a traders own small gens could be heard at the start of the first day but had become a distant echo by the evening. With the mud angles everywhere and the only white bits to be seen was the eyes and teeth of both paying public and crew.

Every year since has had changes on the layout and the requirements, and the mud bath has stayed away. We continued supplying our second family until the festival was discontinued, we will never forget the memories and relationships this festival provided us. 

We began working with this festival in 2019. This fantastic event included all things from over the pond – smoked foods, rock, whiskey and motors. Event Sparks have the challenge of keeping the site powered and lit. We use the trusty festoon illuminating the main area, perimeter and campsite, while the tower lights handles the car park area. Keeping the bars, production office and stage energised throughout the event is handled by regularly monitoring the power levels and fuel. We love working with Rock N Ribs as it’s not every day we are connecting 18 wheeler American big rigs at the side of a main stage. The festival has a capacity of 6,000 giving a real community feel, which we love. 

Candle Light / Christmas Warmer

The Dyer family, have opened their doors of the early manor house in late November. The first event was a tour through the house. It started at the top with arts and craft stalls and local trade advertising in each room. Then spiralling out past a lit wooden fire to fairy light lit pathway with continuing trades and not forgetting a mince pie and hot cider whilst on travels. There also live music performances and freshly cooked bread (cheese and pesto sour-dough – you cannot resist). The format has changed very slightly with an improved route through the house. There has been more to show as the family has restored each room. We have supplied more and more lighting each year and the trade stalls increase. 

This is a great event to start Christmas, if you like the traditional Bath Christmas market, you’ll love this too. What’s more, profits go to local Charities!